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Price A$19.95

Glamorous and seductive masquerade mask is a perfect accessory to any sexy fancy dress costume! Black Silver Peacock Adrianna Mask comes in black and silver colours and has a beautiful peacock and black feather detail on the right side of the mask. This appealing masquerade mask is fitted with an elastic band for easy wear.

Price A$9.95

An Ancient Man Mask will give your costume an unforgettable look! Create a caveman or a dirty old politician costume with this full-head vinyl mask. This old man combover hair mask has detailed brown eyes, large nose and ears, three remaining sticking out teeth and a tuft of wispy hair.

Price A$6.95

Famous Batman Hero mask is a classic, fail-proof choice for any fancy dress party! The Bat Hero Half Mask is made of black colour plastic covering half of the face and fitted with a secure elastic band. This comfortable to wear Bat mask has wide holes for eyes and does not cover the mouth.

Price A$29.40

Spice up your fancy dress costume with a luxury masquerade eye mask! The Black and Purple Mask with Purple Feathers features black and purple lace details and long dark purple feathers. This glamorous masquerade mask covers half of the face to guard your identity and add some extra mystique. Fitted with a headband.

Price A$6.95

Our fun and lightweight Black Panther Mask is a perfect choice for any jungle themed party! The jungle cat mask is made of plastic and comes in black colour with detailed bright yellow eyes. It covers full face to hide your identity and is fitted with a secure elastic band for comfortable fit.