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Price A$9.95

Whether you have always wanted to dress up as a serial killer or as an insane bloodthirsty demon during a costume event, this product should go well with your collection of weapons. It has a wooden handle that supports firm gripping. You should not hesitate to have this kind of product in your collection.

Price A$19.95

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead series? Do you like the bad guy Negan? Well, now you can become an authentic Negan with his Wire Barbed Bat. All there is left for you to pick is a leather jacket and prepare your badass attitude.

Price A$12.95

Complete your hunters or Native American Indian fancy dress costume with a Bow And Arrow accessory. This plastic bow and arrow prop includes a white colour arrow with a metal detail in the middle. An arrow is bright yellow and has a beige colour end made from rubber.

Price A$14.95

Complete your native Indian or Robin Hood fancy dress costume by adding a Deluxe Indian Bow And Arrow accessory. This beautiful bow and arrow set has white and light brown wood colour look and lovely feather decorations on the ends. An arrow has added red colour touch.

Price A$24.95

Feel the same way as an Egyptian royalty, do what they do, and as well carry whatever they carry. Raise your Egyptian symbol and conquer your enemies with the Cane Egyptian Gold Crosier Crook. It has a well structured metallic body and a golden crosier crook. Complete your Egyptian costume with this accessory. 

Price A$24.95

Wild West is here! Grab your cap gun Cast Western Revolver and get that party started! The Western Revolver is made by light-weighted plastic and designed after the original holsters of the Wild West times.

Price A$6.95

Add the Retractable Large Dagger to your fancy dress party armour. This fake large knife is 25.4 centimetres long and has a 10.6 centimetres blade that slides back into the handle and disappears from sight. This dagger is made from a black coloured plastic handle and shiny metal colour blade. It is a perfect accessory for the pirate or criminal fancy...

Price A$3.95

Add the Small Retractable Dagger to your fancy dress party armour. This small dagger toy is made from plastic and has a black coloured plastic handle with a shiny metal colour blade. This fun fake dagger’s blade slides back into the handle. It is a perfect accessory for the pirate costume!

Price A$7.95

Complete your western theme, cowboy or criminal fancy dress costume with a Gun and Holster Cowboy Pistol. This cowboy pistol replica comes complete with holster and belt to attach. This replica gun contains the coloured markings required by law, including an attached orange plug.

Price A$7.95

Spice up your secret agent, Bond girl or mafia costume with a Mini Gun And Holster On Garter fancy dress accessory. A Red colour tight garter with a black lace trim and black coloured mini holster comes with a small dark bronze colour pistol gun with yellow colour handle.

Price A$14.95

Give your soldier outfit a boost at the next fancy dress party with the Mini Machine Gun accessory! This action figure weapon model is made out of lightweight plastic and has some realistic looking machine gun details. This toy machine gun comes in black colour with brown, silver and red colour finishing.

Price A$8.95

Complete your soldier, police or criminal fancy dress outfit with the Silver and Black Pistol Gun accessory and get ready to go to party war! This short weapon toy model is made out of lightweight plastic. This toy gun has a silver colour handle, black body and bright red emblem sticker detail at on the pistol handle.