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Price A$5.95

Jingle your way to the party with a set of 30 Gold/ Silver Bracelet Bangles. These bracelets are made of super thin metal painted in gold and silver colours. A perfect accessory for Indian Bollywood or Arabic princesses inspired fancy dress costumes. Slip them on your wrists for added bling.

Price A$9.85

This bracelet is one every one should consider having. When you need to complete that special outfit of yours, you should do that with this product. Ever thought of living the life of a pop singer, a gangster, or some rich fella? Get this bracelet worn and know what it feels like to wear bling accessories.

Price A$5.95

Pimp up your fancy dress outfit and blind them all with a gangster style Chunky Gold Big Links Chain Bracelet. A bulky bracelet chain is made from light weight material and painted to look like metal. This gold coloured jewellery accessory is a real statement piece!

Price A$5.95

Add a Gold Chunky Dollar Sign Bracelet Chain necklace to look extra dapper in your gangster, rapper or super-rich celebrity fancy dress outfits. This dazzling bracelet is made out of plastic with a shiny gold finish. It features a large silver colour sparkling dollar sign to get you noticed at any party.

Price A$10.95

80s Bangle Bracelets is a fun accessory that will add some funky 80s colours and style to any outfit. This thick plastic bracelet set comes with four different colour bangles including light pink, black, light neon pale green and orange colours. Perfect for any 80’s inspired fancy dress or hen party!

Price A$6.95

Golden coloured Egyptian Snake Ring is the perfect accessory for ancient Egypt inspired fancy dress costumes. This lovely snake ring is decorated with ornaments and has a head and tail details. Add more power and confidence to your style as the snake is a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, and divine authority.

Price A$9.95

Dazzle the crowd with the mysterious queen Cleopatra inspired fancy dress costume with the Egyptian Snake Earrings. These beautiful golden coloured metal earrings have an ornamented oval shape ending with two snake heads. A snake was seen as a symbol of royalty and power so this is a perfect accessory for any ancient Egypt inspired fancy dress costume.

Price A$4.95

If you’re looking for a small but effective accessory to complete your costume, then look no further! This small dollar sick necklace is ideal for all kinds of outfits, including pimps, car salesmen and more! The dollar sign is a sparkling gold, and comes with a long, golden chain. Easy to wear and super lightweight

Price A$7.95

Complete all kinds of outfits with this cross necklace and chain! The cross is gold with small detailing, and comes with a long, golden chain. This accessory can be worn for nun costumes, priest costumes, rap celebrities and more! Pair it with all kinds of other bling, or wear it on its own.

Price A$9.95

Add a classy and elegant detail to your costume by wearing a White Pearl Large Beads Necklace. This classic jewellery accessory is a perfect addition to vintage, actor, aristocrat, royalty or any other costume in need of glamorous touch. Plastic beads have white-silver pearl colour and are secured on a delicate string.

Price A$3.95

Complete your hippie themed fancy dress outfit by wearing a Hippie Beads Necklace. This colourful plastic peace beads necklace has three sets of different colour beads in a shape of peace signs: green, yellow and pink. Great addition to any hippie-inspired look for festivals and fun birthday parties!