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Price A$69.95

Sway your way to a costume party as hot as summer in a cool extra large adult suit aloha costume. You don't need grass skirts and flowers. The aloha themed suit is all you need to perfect that Hawaii look. Look breezy and catch the ladies' attention.

Price A$109.95

Are you a comic fanatic? You can show it to everyone in a costume party by wearing this extra large adult suit comic strip. This comic printed suit will catch everyone's attention. You can make them look at you by reading every script in your suit.

Price A$109.95

Dress up like a good looking humbug one day on your favorite costume party. This extra large adult suit humbug black and white vertically striped jacket, trousers, and tie will give you a cool humbug look. With the striped effect, you will look even taller and noticeable in any party you'll attend.