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Price A$32.95

Dress up as naughty Santa in more tropic adjusted Casual Santa Costume. This outfit includes mid-length sleeve jacket, knee-length shorts, black belt with a metal buckle, and a Santa hat. The jacket, shorts and hat are made from a classic red colour material with a white trim.

Price A$39.95

Spread some festive cheer all around you dressed up in a delightful Mrs Santa Clause costume! The Mrs Clause Dress costume includes red dress with a wide white colour trim and two large pom pom buttons, a Santa hat with a white ball, and a black belt to frame the waist.

Price A$71.95

Dress up as a sensual Mrs Santa Clause and get some pulses racing during the festive Christmas season. The Mrs Clause Hooded costume includes a mini red dress with a wide white colour trim, an attached large red hood with a pom pom ball and a laced-up black wide leather looking belt to frame the waist.

Price A$87.95

Dress up in a playful Mrs Santa Clause costume and stay jolly during the festive Christmas season! The Mrs Clause Skirt costume includes mini red dress with a white muff trim, matching long sleeve jacket, a Santa hat with a white trim and a pom pom ball, and a black belt with a metal buckle.

Price A$43.95

Celebrate Christmas & historical times with this charming Saint Joseph Costume. The perfect costume for any nativity scene or Christmas decoration, these outfits is useful for all your seasonal needs. Whether you're creating the ultimate nativity scene or putting a spin on the party, you'll love this classic biblical design.

Price A$9.95

Fairies are meant for kids. Dress up your little munchkin with this Child Fairy Girl costume and make her look like a fairy cast in a movie come to life! This premade child fairy attire comes in red dress with sheer overlapping skirt and red wings. Let her be a strong willed fairy or a lovable fairy.