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Price A$54.95

Roam free dressed up as a fun party goat! This Goat costume is a jumpsuit with an attached hood. A warm brown colour jumpsuit has dark grey patches in a middle, end of sleeves and end of trouser legs. Costume has a zip, a patch of fake fur around the neck and a hood with pointy ears and horns.

Price A$87.95

Send smiles to everyone's faces by wearing this funny and comical cat in the hat and look like a cat mad hatter! This cat costume includes the black bodysuit, red bow tie, white gloves and the tall top hat with red and white stripes. Great for circus, halloween party and dress up events.

Price A$54.95

Look sizzling hot in a Cat Black Adult costume at any fancy dress party or Halloween. This sexy black colour one-piece suit for women is made from 100% polyester wet look material. This tight, figure-hugging suit features a front zipper and a small collar. For ultimate look, add cat ears and a whip!

Price A$98.95

Spark laughter from everyone in the party with this hilarious chicken man costume. Whether you are coming to party for animal cause or just want to bring fun to a dress up event, you got to go as a yellow rooster jumpsuit with red tail feathers, wattles and comb.

Price A$70.95

Dress up as a world-famous Clown Fish Nemo and keep swimming to all the fun parties out there. Orange and white colour costume comes with attached hand fins and fish butt fin, as well as the hood with two attached eyeballs. This funny, colourful adult jumpsuit will make an unforgettable impression at any fancy dress event.

Price A$46.95

Dress up as a scary dinosaur and enter a magical ancient party world! This Dinosaur adult costume is a full body length, green colour jumpsuit with a light green colour stomach and a front zip. This jumpsuit has an attached tail and a hood with the face of a dinosaur.

Price A$65.95

Going to a kid's party and do not know what to come as? Bring your funny side in this Pink Flamingo costume and earn little kisses from every kid in the party. It comes with half body costume with tail attached to a headpiece with flamingo beak.

Price A$43.95

Get noticed dressed up in our fluorescent green frog costume. Frog costume is a jumpsuit with an attached hood. This jumpsuit is all in bright, light green colour with large eyes attached to the top of the hood. This full body length jumpsuit has attached gloves and shoe covers.

Price A$54.95

No need to stay in the sun for too long to get the perfect lobster look! Dress in a fun Red Lobster Adult costume that includes a red colour polyester suit, gloves and mask. A suit chest has attached lobster legs. Oversized lobster claws and a headpiece with plastic eyes and antennae complete the look.

Price A$29.95

Be salty and sweet for life is the bubbles under the sea! Bring your childhood dream to life and dress up like a mermaid in this costume. Your beauty will definitely shine in this mermaid cut dress in aqua and silver. Complete with headband for that salty princess look!

Price A$53.95

Dress up in a Monkey Adult Costume and go bananas at the fancy dress party! This costume has a full body length, brown colour jumpsuit with a cream coloured stomach area. Jumpsuit has an attached tail and a hood featuring monkey’s ears. The top of the hood is decorated with a yellow banana.