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Price A$87.95

Do you want to be one of the Grand Army of the Republic? Dress up as a Clone Trooper from Star Wars. The jumpsuit and clone trooper mask will give you a complete look. Get ready to follow the Jedi order and be loyal to the Galactic Republic in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Price A$54.95

Set the Star Wars mood in motion with this Galactic Warrior costume. Dress up as a Dark Side Jedi in this Galactic Warrior Jedi Robe costume. This black robe will transform the costume event into the timeless excitement of the Star Wars franchise. Entertain the crowd or just simply enjoy yourself.

Price A$108.95

Bring out the dark side of the force! Be the champion of the first order, Kylo Ren from Star Wars The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, with this complete Kylo Ren Costume! Get ready to follow Lord Darth Vader's footsteps, defeat Rey, and be the strongest in the galaxy.

Price A$108.95

Hail Emperor palpatine and Darth Vader! Bring out that Star Wars fan in you and be one of the loyal storm troopers of the galactic empire. Try this storm trooper jumpsuit with mask to nail the look. Just add a laser gun and you'll be one of the best dressed in any costume party.

Price A$29.95

Cook up a storm at the fancy dress party dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper. This legendary outfit includes a white colour full body jumpsuit with painted black details and attached matching white colour booth covers. A white and black plastic full-face head mask completes the costume.