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Price A$69.95

Looking and flowing like real blood, Global Colours' Fake Blood is available in a 4L Jerry Can for large-scale horror/fight scenes where a large quantity of blood is required. It is easily removed from skin and hair, but may stain clothing. Pro Tip: To remove blood stains from the skin, massage in a small amount of shaving foam. The staining disappears!

Price A$3.00

Non StainingDilute for AirbrushWater based Cosmetic GradeStrong Pigmented100% Non-Toxic HypoallergenicCompliant with EU and FDA Toy and Cosmetics principles.

Price A$3.00

Non Staining Dilute for Airbrush Water based Cosmetic Grade Strong Pigmented 100% Non-Toxic Hypoallergenic Compliant with EU and FDA Toy and Cosmetics principles.